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image for web redesign pageA truly effective redesign is more than just about creating a new look; it’s about generating more visitors, leads, and customers.  In today’s economic state, it has become increasingly difficult to find a cost effective way to promote small to mid-sized businesses.   One of the most efficient ways to overcome this obstacle is to employ an online marketing strategy.  It all begins with your company website redesign.  Many businesses may have questions regarding their website redesign.  They might have sites that are outdated or slow.  They may be unsure about which direction to go in, how to start, or what things to look out for.  That’s where we come in.    

If you’re already marketing your business and driving traffic to your website, but have low conversion rates, our website redesign process can help. A professional website redesign that is customized and specific may be all you need to boost your conversion rate.

  • Look at other competitors websites.  Does yours seem outdated?
  • Is there a call to action message that is carried throughout every page and included in the design?
  • Do you have a compelling marketing message? Is your current website design upholding and marketing your message?
  • Is your current website responsive?  More and more people are using a wide range of devices.  If they can't navigate easily through your site, they will leave and go elsewhere.

We specialize in creating modern, responsive and compelling website redesign.  We can help bring your website into the modern world.  For your website redesign, contact Summit Business Marketing at (530) 426-8404 or Jim@SummitBusinessMarketing.com.

Website updates & maintenance

We'll take care of the details of updating and making changes to your website for you.  Let us help you while you do what's most important for your business and enjoy life.

With regular updates, your website’s content is fresh and up to date. Not only is this beneficial for the visitors to your website but it’s also necessary to keep adding content to your website in order to maintain high rankiImage for web updates and maintenance pagengs in search engine results.

Many web site owners are busy running a business and may not have the time or expertise to perform software updates.That’s why many business owners use our services to maintain their websites.

We realize that you may not know how to update your website. You might not even know where to start because you're busy running your business. We can have a monthly maintenance schedule set up, or if you like to be more hands on, you can let us know what you think needs to be updated.  We're here to help you keep your website up and running with updates and maintenance, contact Summit Business Marketing at (530) 426-8404 or Jim@SummitBusinessMarketing.com.


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