Best Website Design

Why do people complain so much about webmasters?  The Story Behind the Best Website Design:

How many times do you get spam email and even phone calls from those unscrupulous, lousy English writing so-called search engine experts?  Many organizations claim they can get you first page Google rankings and heaps of traffic coming to your website and the best website design.  Is there anyone you can trust anymore?

I interviewed over 100 business owners to see what their biggest challenges are and what they really need to succeed in their business today.  Nine out of ten replied that they need more paying clients and that they needed help with online marketing.

They went on to explain that they used to be able to rely on Yellow Pages ads, a few other print ads and word of mouth marketing and they were doing great.  Next thing they knew, their business resembled a ghost town … What should they do now with this depressed economy and new customer search habits?

Online marketing, website design, search engine optimization and social media are overwhelming, technical, complicated and continuously changing.  Where should they start?  What’s the best thing to spend money on?

Also, over 50% of the clients that hire me have already spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on websites that simply aren’t working for them.  How do you get it right the first time?

This is the reason I expanded Summit Business Marketing to help business owners with affordable, effective website and online marketing services that help them be more profitable …

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The problems that most clients face with website design today are:

  1. They try to do it themselves, take away time that they could be using for other marketing, sales, or their highest and best use of time … then the quality is poor and they are unsatisfied with the results
  2. They try to save money with a cheaper solution like Intuit, GoDaddy, etc… and spend money, are dissatisfied with the design and functionality and get little or no traffic to the site, then have to pay more money to have it done right.
  3. Webmaster owns or controls domain and hosting, and if relationship degrades or webmaster disappears, client does not have access to site.
  4. Website is built on an html platform that makes it difficult for client to make simple text changes.
  5. Most webmasters don’t understand business, marketing, copywriting, niche markets and SEO [search engine optimization] and therefore the burden of learning and doing all this well lies on the client or additional team.
  6. Inadequate intake session and client ends up with a product they didn’t envision or want.  This creates extra work for designer and more time to completion.
  7. Low conversion rates, time on site, number of pages visited

Summit Business Marketing Solution:

  1. Reasonable cost solutions, coaching/education to client to show them how they can actually make more money by not doing their own site or going with a cheap alternative
  2. Client gets their own domain, hosting and has full admin access to site (we show client how to do this if necessary)
  3. Detailed intake survey form and then interview for full understanding ensures the best website design for the client.
  4.  SBM [Summit Business Marketing] starts with keyword research and online competition analysis to find relevant niche market keyword phrases to optimize the site for with high traffic, low competition and high commercialization value.  This also helps get the right clients to the site.
  5. SBM offers copywriting or copyediting with hook, benefits and clear call to action for higher conversion rates
  6. Website is built on a WYSIWYG [what you see is what you get] platform that is easy for client to make simple changes on their own site and we include training as well.
  7. Deluxe web package is encouraged – includes search engine optimization to get more traffic and higher search engine rankings for client’s site.

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