Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Here are some satisfied customer testimonials from our business coaching services, best website design and SEO support …

“Hi Jim, I have received leads recently that I believe could have only come from website……….celebration!”  – Chuck

Business Web Design Search Engine Optimization Specialists“I work with Jim Kaspari, I have found him to be personable.  He understands the dynamic between a website that sells and one that is pretty.  He is timely in his communication.  He is reasonably priced – on the last job, I had him take a clients pre-existing website and transfer the whole file structure to a wordpress blog platform so that we could  maintain and update at will without having to go through the old web designer [not such a great relationship there]  he did the whole translation in 48 hours!”    Give him a call, 530-426-8404  –  Dike


“Wow!  That’s how I can sum up my experience.  I’ve known Jim since first grade.  We were talking about how to get more clients to my business, and he had some great ideas.  Recently, Jim created two websites for my laundromats – got me on the first page of Google within days, then people started coming in with coupons from the website – thanks Jim.”  –  Terry, Roseville CA

“I didn’t realize how much all that SEO/keyword research stuff would effect my business until I talked to Jim and then read the articles on his website.  He took the guesswork and mystery out of SEO.  I then realized that having him do the website and the SEO as a package would be a much better deal than going with anyone else.  Filling out his customer survey was easy and helped me prepare to get exactly what I wanted and the website was done in a couple of days.  I highly recommend Summit Business Marketing for anyone who wants a new website or a site redesign and SEO.  He provided professional and personalized service, and it’s great to have strangers reaching out to me to order my dog treats!   –  Mary Jo, North Dakota

“We chose Jim Kaspari and Summit Business Marketing to re-do our antiquated website.  I was looking to redo my website for Abundant Accounting and I went to several webmasters.  I found that Jim was the most knowledgeable, and quite easy to work with.  He did research on keywords, and built a web site that is both easy to use and affordable.  I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to improve their web presence.  Thanks, Jim. – Dave and Debra Judd.  Abundant Accounting Solutions”

“With all the challenges of building a new business it was a relief to have had Jim. I had no idea where to start with building a website but he took charge and made it so easy for me to understand.  The website is an amazing reflection my heating and air conditioning company. He gave me more than I possible expected for such an affordable price. The best most professional experience one could ask for.”   –  Paul Tkacsik

“I’m starting to have a lot more fun and a lot less overwhelm these days when it comes to my business.  Of course it helps to have some mah-velous people working with me…….thanks Jim!” – Jisele Tuuri, Texas

“Hi Jim,   I hope you are doing well.  I am great!  My business is leaping.  I am doing some TV segments, Training new practitioners and increasing my income monthly!   It is a wonderful growth experience.  Thank you for your help.  I use the techniques daily and keep “upping” my goals.  ”  –  Louise Swartswalter

“Jim, We have been in business now for three years providing Project and IT Service Management experience to the government, large and small businesses. What a climb and I just wanted to say thank you. Your sincere support and advice to just keep going gave me my initial confidence that we could do this. Thanks so much, and what a wild ride it has been.” – Jim Fogarty

“I would say that the number one benefit and/or result we’ve had since working with you is “accountability”.  For both Jim and I, your service has helped us to “keep on track” and has helped to keep us accountable for reaching the goals that we have set for our business.  It’s also nice to get new and different perspective on various issues and topics.  Fresh idea’s and/or recommendations to people with open minds are always a wonderful thing to receive!”   –  Amy & Jim Easterbrook, Easterbrook Painting, Truckee CA

“Thanks for your help today. As a sole business owner there is no opportunity to “bounce ideas” off anyone. You allowed me to sit down and focus on some key issues and helped to find workable solutions with distinct goals and time frames. I feel less overwhelmed with the To-Do list and can see a clear path on how your time with me will directly effect the prosperity of my business quickly. You helped me gather my thoughts and ideas for the business and create an action plan.  You also helped me write up a work page of accounting regarding my TD rental as I was trying to split with my partner. You helped me to take a look at things I had not thought of and to deliver my side to the mediator in a calm, focused manner. ” – Jani Osborne, Alpenglow Cleaning, Truckee CA

We would say the coaching has been helpful in the following ways:
-Helps us as a team (& a married couple doing business together)to  be on the same page and make goals together
-Has helped us retrain our brains to think differently, and get past certain stumbling blocks we didn’t even realize we had
-We have enjoyed the suggested reading and education you have provided us on business and marketing
-Has helped us have more confidence in how we run our business
-Has helped us grow our business without feeling like we are going to go insane
-We have hope to be able to have a life again
-It’s like “business therapy”!!”   –  Sherry & Chris Gerber, Juice Plus and Gerber Home Cleaning, Truckee CA

“The benefits I’ve experienced by having coaching sessions with you are:  Having an outside, non-emotionally attached second opinion about my business, prices, sales tactics. I like that you encouraged me to raise my print prices, I was afraid might hurt sales but they have been about the same, and I now make more $ per sale. I like that I can talk to you about future plans, like hiring other photographers for lower end virtual tours and that I get solid advice and suggestions that I had not thought about.  I like that I walk away from out meetings with a “to-do” list and tons of notes on what we talked about.  I like feeling even more motivated to take my business to the next level after out meetings.” – Scott Thomas, Scotts Shots Photography, Truckee CA

“The best thing about the times I’ve worked with you is your systematic approach to getting things done.  Taking the big picture and breaking it down was really helpful to me.”   –  Holly Jacobson – Tahoe Mountain Properties, Truckee CA

“Thank you coach Jim for opening my eyes to the big picture and helping me with my business plan. I now have a fresh look on my business. One word, EXCITED! … I got stuck in day to day operations; by working with you, I’m once again excited about the future of my business … the vision, the team and expansion.” – Craig Fierro – Autoglass Express Truckee, CA

“It has been such a pleasure and blessing to work with you. Because of your coaching, I have put myself in a place I did not think was possible. The website you created for me has directed to me many of my clients, which was just the beginning. I then used your coaching to help show, not only myself, but my clients the value I add to their team. I would have completely under rated the benefits my clients get from my work. You gave me the tools and words to make that easy to present. I was not comfortable promoting myself and I would only be making 60% of what I am today. You made it easy and gave me the courage to give it a try. As you know, when we started working together 3 year ago, I could not find a job. As a single mom with three kids that was scary. You put my website together and I started getting clients one at a time. I was able to stop looking for a job and work on my own business. It took some time, but I now have as much work as I need and I have been able to buy a house and get out of the renting game. Something I could not see when we started. Thank you for having that vision for me when I could not. You have been a great asset and could not have done it without you.”   –  Lynn Milano Petaluma, CA Bookkeeper

“I found working with Jim as a business couch to be a great experience. He held me accountable helped me look at problems or areas to grow business, in with a new light and with  twists that made sense and when  I implemented, worked and made business easier. Looking back now I can see that the months I spent with Jim effected the biggest growth to my real estate business. He made me reach outside my comfort zone and make calls that wouldn’t have done on my own if I did not have to report numbers and results back to him. But now those calls and conversations are second nature. Things I would have stressed about doing a year ago, I tackle daily and don’t stress or fret about. Conversations with Buyers or sellers ( in real estate) that I would have prayed for voice mail happen with confidence and assurance that this is the way to go. Looking back It was Jim that helped me identify areas that were weaknesses or things that I did not have the time or willingness to do. Now those tasks are either outsourced to companies that do it better then I ever could and more frequently or to an assistant. I now have the time and energy to spend on other areas to help grow business – daily! Thanks Jim – I wouldn’t be here without you!!”  – Kelly Curran Real Estate Broker, North Carolina

… and more satisfied customer testimonials coming in weekly …

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