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About your web page designer; smart business success and profit coach and online marketing/SEO expert:

We’re dedicated to your success.  Our mission is to help you get your business to the summit of success with breakthrough rise in profits as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We offer business coaching, traditional marketing plans, business planning, strategic online marketing, SEO and web page designer services.

CEO – Jim Kaspari

Jim received a BS in biological sciences at UC Davis.  While studying at Davis, he was fascinated by the medical cures possible by combining genetics and biochemistry.  He went on to work for the #1 biotech firm in the World, Genentech, Inc. for 20 years as a chemical and system engineer.  He worked hard, felt blessed to work with such brilliant minds and be able to contribute to cures for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc… but always had a nagging feeling that something with our education/work/retirement system was all wrong.  He asked … “why do we have to wait until we’re old to retire and enjoy life to the fullest?”

He started investing and studying entrepreneurial marketing so he could retire when he wanted.  He retired at age 44, and has dedicated his life ever since to helping others achieve the same dream.  He lives in the mountains where his heart sings and he’s inspired the most.  He works out (he calls it playing) every day.  His mission is to help others live the life of their dreams.  He interviewed over 50 business owners and entrepreneurs to see what would help them the most with their business growth and success.  The resounding answer was online marketing and a much stronger web presence.  Upon analyzing the data, he dedicated himself to studying with the worlds’ best gurus in the area and is proud to be able to offer great services and education for you in these areas.

Summit Business Marketing CEO Jim Kaspari

Get to the Summit Fast!

We use a personal approach to business.  We will help you analyze your website needs, business marketing, competition and opportunities to create a customized marketing action plan, strategies, tactics and a tracking system to help you get more paying clients as soon as possible.  We also help you implement the plan.  You’re very busy and most likely want to focus on your business and providing excellent customer service and products for your clients.  We’ll do the rest.

We’ve worked with 100’s of clients to get their businesses started and/or more profitable.  We can definitely help you gain the success you’ve always dreamed of along with better quality of life.

We are experts in market competition analysis, keyword research, internet marketing, web design, search engine optimization service and traditional marketing tools.  If you’re looking for the best web page designer, SEO expert or business coach, please …

Call today for a free assessment (530) 426-8404 or e-mail us at Jim@SummitBusinessMarketing.com

We’ve worked with people all over the country, and are happy to continue to do so, and we designed this site and our local web design and online marketing business to help local businesses with the unique challenges that come with living in a remote area with seasonal tourist clients as well.  We proudly serve Truckee, Soda Springs, Norden, Tahoe City, Incline Village, South Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Kings Beach, Auburn, Roseville CA California.

Jim Kaspari

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